Windows Phone 7 Startup Time/Turning On

I haven’t done a Windows Phone blog in a few days.  I’m sorry.  I’ve been busy with the holidays, vacation, and traveling.  I’m going to post something small today and get back into the swing of things.


In previous version of Windows Mobile the startup times/turning on was awful.  I’m proud to say that it takes about 35 seconds to use your Windows Phone 7 device after you hold down the on button.

Windows Phone 7 – Lots of contacts

Each day I learn something new on my Windows Phone.  I have a lot of contacts and I was getting tired of scrolling to a name or searching.  I hit a button my accident and found a quicker way to get to a name in my contact list.


In the list of contacts there are squares with a letter sort of like a rolodex.  If you tap any of those letters you can jump to a particular letter in the alphabet.

Windows Phone 7 Speech Recognition / Command to Start Applications

The rest of this week I’m going to be focusing on Windows Phone 7 Speech Recognition / Commands.  This is a great way to do things done.  Today we’ll talk about starting applications.  You can start applications by voice.  This works with pre-installed applications and applications that you installed.


1.  Make sure you’re at the home tile or applications screen.

2.  Press and hold the window button on your phone.  It’s not really a button it’s more of a place where you place your finger but button makes sense. 
3.  Tell that phone what you want it to do.

Windows Phone 7 Quick Camera

I forgot to do a tip for last Friday.  Sorry.


I have a dedicated camera button on my phone.  If I press and hold the camera button it will take me to the photo screen to take a picture or video.  If the phone is locked or not it still takes you there so you can quickly get there to get your shot.  Even if the phone is locked with a PIN it will take you to the app where you can ONLY take a photo or video, nothing else unless you supply your unlock PIN.  FAST!