Strongly worded letter to Comcast

<account number>

700 W Broadway Ave
Muskegon, MI


Dear Comcast:

I’m created this letter in hopes to have a Comcast employee take personal responsibility researching some issues and problems that we’ve been experiencing with Comcast. We’ve been dealing with a different person each time we call and that’s not yielding any positive results nor has it resolved our problems and issues. For many years we’ve had internet and TV service through Comcast and technically overall we’ve been pleased. We’ve also been pleased with the amount of services for the dollar. One aspect we have not been pleased about is calling and getting a different answer posing the same questions because it’s a different representatives each time we call. That is just part of what I’ll be discussing.

Our internet plan for at least the past year has been the performance plan with advertised speeds of up to 25MB down and up to 5MB up. For that year we were getting consistent download speeds of 29MB down and 5MB up. As an IT consultant that frequently works out of the house I routinely measure the speed and quality of our internet connection. I understand at times it will be slower but when everything is normal I always see 29MB down and 5MB up.

Around October the 4th we called to cancel our TV service but wanted to keep our performance internet plan. The representative I spoke with was going to put us on just the performance internet plan at around $70 a month. We were trying to save more than $50 a month so I debated with her and asked her if she could honor the promotional rate of $29.99 a month that new customers were getting. That would allow us to save $90 a month while keeping our current internet plan. She honored that request as we were after or close to our current yearly promotional plan coming to an end. We understood that we had to return the cable box/DVR. While I was speaking with her I decided to upgrade to the blast internet plan at the promotional rate of $44.99 a month with speeds up to 50MB down and up to 5MB up but only if it was available in our area. The reason I worded it like that was from past experience not all of the Comcast internet plans were either available or the speeds were not obtainable in certain areas. I specifically asked her if we did not get anything close to 50MB down and 5MB up if we could go back to the performance internet plan for the promotional rate of $29.99 a month. She said yes. After she finished up she blindly transferred me to another department to verify if we would get those speeds. When asked if blast was available at our address that person said yes.

During the next few days I noticed we were not getting any faster download or upload speeds than the current 29MB down and 5MB up. We saw no change between the performance plan verses the blast plan. To eliminate our hardware, software, and cabling I directly connected a notebook to the Comcast approved gateway that I own and have owned for the past two year and bypassed the coax in the house with a direct line going to the grounding block on the side of our house. Both of those actions produced no change in speeds. I called Comcast and setup a service call for a technician to come out as we were told by Comcast that the blast plan was available in our area. The technician came out on October the 13th and until that time we still saw no increase in speed. The technician said the signals coming to the house looked good and asked why he was here. I explained we were getting nowhere near the blast advertised speeds of up to 50mb down and up to 5MB up. I explained while on the performance plan we were getting 29MB down and 5MB up and still getting those speeds while on the blast plan. He said DOCSIS 3 wasn’t switched on in Muskegon and mentioned he didn’t understand why Comcast sales keeps selling packages where people in Muskegon won’t be able to reach the speeds even after he claims they’ve told Comcast this in the past. I thanked him for his time.

I called Comcast back. The first call to Comcast I explained the representative I spoke to on the 4th said if we don’t get blast speeds I could call back and go to the performance plan at $29.99 a month. I made multiple calls to Comcast that day and was either told with the performance plan I would have to add TV or phone bringing the performance plan bill up $45 a month, the performance plan would be about $70 a month, Comcast can’t give me web prices for phone calls switching service, I’m not a new customer so I could not get promotional pricing, or I got disconnected (two times in about five phone calls). Finally someone took down my information and said a supervisor would call me back. A few days went by and I noticed our internet speeds were now noticeable slower. We were consistently getting no more than 18MB down and no more than 2.5MB up. I looked online at our bill and even though a supervisor didn’t call someone did switch our internet back to the performance plan at $29.99 a month. Now the issue is our internet is not only noticeability slower but according to Comcast’s own speed test website it is slower than the same performance plan that we’ve been on for well over a year. Nothing changed on our end but plans were changed on Comcast’s end. I once again tried to bypass our wireless access point and ran a temporary coax cable directly to the grounding block outside with no change in speed. We are still consistently getting no more than 18MB down and no more than 2.5MB up on the performance plan when on the same performance plan before we were constantly getting 29MB down and 5MB up. One thing to point out is the upload speed. Of course we want our 29MB or faster download speeds back again but with Comcast’s lower internet plans the max upload speed is 2.5MB, what we’re getting. It SEEMS like we are being throttled because if it was a technical issue I’m pretty sure the upload speed would not be exactly 50% of what it was before all the time now.

Here is what I’m upset about in order of relevance.

1- Our internet speed for the past year on the performance plan has been consistently 29MB down and 5MB up on normal days. Those were the same speeds while on our short lived blast plan. Being sold the blast plan with no improvement in speed and after multiple phone calls now our internet speeds is much slower at no more than 18MB down and no more than 2.5MB up while on the same performance plan.

2- Being sold a plan that did not improve our speeds at all and according to a Comcast field technician no one will get close to those speeds. This technician has also mentioned to Comcast this has been told repeatedly to Comcast without any changes.

3- Being told that we had to have phone or TV added on while having the performance plan even though that is not mentioned online.

4- Being told when calling up that Comcast will not honor their online prices and some representatives saying the performance plan would be $70 a month.

5- Being told when I mentioned considering having Jody cancel her service and me getting service as a new user to get the promotional rates being told I’m not a new customer. The representative said Jody put me on the account less than 90 days ago so that would not qualify me as a new user. I disagreed with the representative as I started the process of getting new service of the performance plan to see if it would force me to add Phone or TV and it did not. I had to go through a credit check that Comcast performed against my credit report.

6- Being disconnected two out of the five times I called Comcast.

What I want:

1- An explanation and/or actions(see paragraph below these points for more details) of why our internet speeds are now noticeably and consistently slower now on the same plan that was giving us noticeability and consistently faster download and upload speeds as in the past.

2- An explanation regarding the conflicts in what Comcast is selling versus what the on-site technician said.

3- An explanation if what we were told that we had to have TV or phone is true on the performance plan even though it does not mention that on Comcast’s website.

4- An explanation if it’s true that when calling Comcast they will not honor their own online prices and packages along with why some did not even want to consider a promotional pricing plan.

5- An explanation of what is defined as a “new customer” taking into account that even though I was added to the account less than 90 days ago I now have a credit hit on my credit report as I applied for service as a potential new customer online.

6- A simple sorry for being disconnected 30% of the time on a single day

I DO NOT want any changes to our internet plan without a two way dialog via phone, email, or letters. Part of the reason for this is according to the on-site technician speeds up to 50MB down and up to 5MB up should be obtainable in the future. If we could get up to 40MB down and up to 5MB up in the future then I would consider the blast plan again but only if there is a timeline when that plan will be “turned on” in the area. I also don’t want any changes to our internet plan without that two way dialog as I need to understand why we were getting great speeds on the old performance plan but now not great speaks on the same performance plan. I only want to deal with this once for the next year.

It’s very rare that I take the time to type what happened but like I said before working with a different person each time I call Comcast is not giving us not only consistent answers but frankly it’s wasting my time. I hope that someone will take this letter seriously and take personal responsibility for addressing the issues and problems raised above. I hope to hear back from someone within 14 days of receiving this letter.


Adam Rafels
<phone number>
<email address>

6 thoughts on “Strongly worded letter to Comcast”

  1. Did you ever send this or get a response? I had the exact same issue. Am paying for Blast! and only get 29 down and 4.7 up consistently.
    Tech came to my house and told me the reason was that the infrastructure wouldn’t allow for higher speeds.

  2. Those asshat melon farmers are scammers and overcharge. I saw Blast plans while logged in to look at upgrading. They had 75Mb listed. I log in a few months later and it’s gone. I search for alternate ISPs in the area and find 75Mb and 150 and 25 from comcrap in my zip code. 75Mb cost the same goddamn price I have been paying for 15Mb for YEARS. I chat with these morons and demand to be upgraded for free and they say yes, and I will need a new modem. So deciding not to be gullible for another 10 years for paying rental fees I search for a good modem and get one with 16 channels. I hook it up and my speed goes from 18 to 30. Far short of the 75. I call them and complain and they send a tech the next day and he says the same thing. NO one in the city will get 75, despite the lines being fiber for the past 15 years. He doesn’t know why they keep telling people high speeds are available. And the real ripoff is their 150 plan when they have 2Gb for double but the speed is 26x faster.

    Google fiber users only pay 70 for 1Gb, and other cities have even gone and given users 10Gb speeds. Of course you need an expensive NIC, SSD, and router.

  3. Hey, asshat. When you violate freedom of speech and fail to post comments on volatile subjects, your fucking posts get ignored. You want change from comcrap and yet you restrict who can comment on your post. FUCK YOU.

    1. And as a side note, I’ve been using computers and social media LONG before all of you. I had a Mac, and a warez BBS with Fidonet. I studied Novell Netware, and have studied and lived in multiple countries and states. I was on thesqaure (1997 – restricted to the top universities), and on fraudbook before you when it was still restricted to college students and alumni, and not the open sewer it became in 2006.

    2. Now don’t you look stupid. I don’t approve comments but once a month or so and I just got to them today. If you would slow down and think before going off on rants maybe you’d be a better person and you could use your real name.

      Also do you think freedom of speech means your comments have to be approved? Gosh you’re stupid.

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