AT&T secretly snuck charges back in Jody’s cell phone bill

Late last year I noticed “Mobile Protection Pack – Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate” on Jody’s bill that has Jody’s and Ashley’s lines.  Each line was being charged $3 a month so that’s $6 a month for things their phones didn’t need.  This isn’t Insurance.  Insurance is completely different and Jody was paying $6.99 a month for each line.  This Mobile Protection Pack – Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate was basically useless for Jody and Ashley as Jody’s Windows phone and Ashley’s iPhone could be located and backed up to the cloud without any extra help from AT&T.  In September of 2013 I removed the Mobile Protection Pack – Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate from both Jody and Ashley’s lines on Jody’s bill.  It was prorated and that’s fair.  I was a little upset that she’s been paying for that for who knows how long but we’re to blame for not reviewing and questioning charges on her bill.  It lowered Jody’s bill by $6 a month.  That’s not much but why pay for something that is useless?


Today I noticed that Mobile Protection Pack – Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate is back on Jody’s bill for both Jody’s and Ashley’s line.  I researched it and it appears when Ashley got her new Windows phone in March of 2014 AT&T snuck it back on Ashley’s line.  When Jody got her new Windows phone in July of 2014 they snuck it back on her line.  Since I removed it back in September of 2013 I didn’t look at the bill every month to make an option removed stayed removed.  Looking over the bills since then that’s an extra $20 going to AT&T for something that we canceled last year.  Looking at AT&T’s website it says someone has 30 days after activating their new device to enroll in the Mobile Protection Pack.  That completely contradicts what happened to Jody.  Even though it says you have to activate it somehow they added when Jody and Ashley got new devices.


After 20 minutes of me researching this, 25 minutes on the phone with AT&T, another 30 minutes detailing and documenting my research, and another 25 more minutes on the phone with AT&T they took the Mobile Protection Pack – Enhanced Support and Mobile Locate off Jody and Ashley’s lines and credited her $26 for all those months they were paying for it unnoticed.  As for my time they credited Jody’s account $25 for me taking 90 minutes of my life researching and fixing something that no one authorized or approved.  The AT&T rep on the phone said that more than likely what happened is the sales person didn’t uncheck that option that is defaulted to be checked even after it contradicts what the AT&T’s website says. 


The moral of this story is ANYTIME you do anything to cell phone, plan, or anything related to AT&T wireless start checking your bills so things don’t magically appear. 


Actual text from AT&T about the Mobile Protection Pack – Enhanced Support when you go to add/remove it from your bill:

“Your life is on your device¿your photos, videos, and contacts. With Mobile Protection Pack, you can relax and feel secure knowing you¿re covered.

When you need to replace or locate your device, restore your data, or get expert support you can count on, Mobile Protection Pack covers your device and the ¿life¿ you have on it.

You have 30 days after activating your new device to enroll in Mobile Protection Pack.

Replace It

Protection for loss, theft, damage (including water damage), and out-of-warranty malfunction

Receive your replacement device as soon as the next day

Support It

Toll-free personalized, expert support for initial setup, managing storage, battery maximization, and much more.

Locate It

Find your devices with convenient GPS locate and alarm functions

Lock and erase a lost or stolen device to secure your data

Downloadable Mobile Locate app for your device

Effective August 1, 2014, you may be eligible for the Declining Deductible discount and up to 50% off of the Standard Deductible rate.”

Screenshot of window for the text above. 


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