The importance of keeping personal opinions off social media when representing a company

I recently had an encounter on Twitter.  I was tweeting a grocery store when a travel agency decided to reply to my tweet.  They tagged me and the grocery store.  They wanted to let us know that this grocery store “treat their employees like shit” and they “reported them to the ACLU today as well as local tv”.  Later in their tweets they called me a “Fat. Man”.  It’s very important that business owners make sure to keep personal opinions off their company’s social media websites.  This is not only unprofessional but it can lead to decreased business and have a negative impact.  It’s also important to know that once something is said on the internet it really can’t be deleted.  Let me explain what happened in detail.


I noticed someone in the grocery store in the twelve item or less self-checkout with over thirty items.  Joking around I tweeted about it and tagged the grocery store.  I said:
@meijer, please reprogram your 12 item self-checkout to have a limit of 18-24 item!. It’s rude to others when customers have 30+ items.”


Shortly after that Meijer replied to my tweet saying:
@adamjrafels Thanks for the suggestion, Adam.”


After Meijer replied I saw a tweet from Recess Travel Agency @RecessTravel saying:
@adamjrafels I wouldn’t ask much of @meijer. They treat their employees like shit. I reported them to the ACLU today as well as local tv”


I was a little thrown off as my tweet was to Meijer.  I didn’t understand why Recess Travel Agency was wanting me to know this.  My reply to Recess Travel Agency was:
@RecessTravel, I thought you were a travel agency. It’s very unprofessional to use that language and post tweets like yours. Grow up.”


I guess Recess Travel Agency wasn’t very happy with my response and tweeted:
@adamjrafels go. Away. Fat. Man.”


Shortly after that Recess Travel Agency deleted their tweets.  This is probably because they knew what they were doing was not only unprofessional but hurtful by personally attacking someone.  Just because someone deletes a tweet doesn’t mean something was never said. I’m sure Recess Travel Agency wasn’t aware that I receive an email when someone mentions me in a tweet.  They are able to delete the tweets but not the emails from Twitter to me and for those moments before they deleted the tweet it was public(see screenshots below).

Looking at their tweets Saturday night it appears something happened in Louisville Kentucky with the owner or someone he knows.  I believe they felt it was appropriate to vent their disgust with Meijer on Twitter by reaching out to people that tweeted Meijer.


Recess Travel Agency’s contact information is below.  If you want to book travel with them be sure to remember how they treated me, a total stranger on the internet.

Jay Rainey!/pages/Recess-Travel-and-Tours/442520759179586







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