My SkyDrive stopped syncing on Microsoft Windows 8.1

I’m not sure what happened but my SkyDrive folder stopped syncing with on my Windows 8.1 workstation.  I also noticed a SkyDrive.old folder under my profile.  In looking at both of those folders it appears the SkyDrive.old folder contains my files totaling 68 GB or so and the SkyDrive folder contains holders totaling 5.8 GB or so.  Since SkyDrive is now integrated into Windows you can’t simply modify the settings for the app or uninstall and reinstall it.  It took a while to find a solution but there is a SkyDrive troubleshooter that actually fixed my problem unlike the network troubleshooter.  After running the SkyDrive troubleshooter my SkyDrive folder is now being populated with offline versions.  It’s going to take a while downloading 68GB again but oh well.  At least it’s working now. 

SkyDrive troubleshooting page

SkyDrive troubleshooter

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