How to choose the freshest coffee

I’m at a hotel, it’s early, and while getting my morning coffee I took for granted some information I know that most people don’t.  I decided to blog about it since I have some time to waste before leaving the hotel.

I’m the kind of person that likes to know why or how.  I love to ask people a question about their job or what they’re doing and just listen absorbing what they say.  That’s how I obtained the information below.

We’ve all seen those coffee dispensers that has the display on the top.  We’ve seen them in hotels, gas stations, and all over the place.  The skin might be branded but you know the ones I’m talking about.


This morning there were two non-decaf pots out and each one had different markings on the display as shown below.



I decided to get my coffee from the coffee dispenser that is photographed on the top.  The reason why is because of the pies.  Each black pie represents one hour.  Each black piece of the pie represents fifteen minutes.  Using that information the top pot has been out for thirty minutes and the bottom pot has been out for one hour and forty-five minutes.  If all of them are flashing that means the coffee has been out for over four hours!  The other thing to look for is the level indicator in the middle.  The blacker it is the more coffee in the coffee dispenser.  Both coffee dispensers were half full.  You don’t want to get the last of the coffee as less coffee in the coffee dispenser means the colder it will be as air enters the coffee dispenser cooling the coffee

I know this blog is off topic but hopefully it will help you get a fresher cup of coffee when traveling.

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