Microsoft Word 2013 new way to add rows and columns

I stumbled upon something today in Microsoft Word 2013 I thought I would share.  In previous versions of Word if you wanted to add a row in a table you had to click the row, right click, insert, insert rows above/below.  I always thought it was too many mouse clicks and I guess Microsoft did also.  Now in Word 2013 you just hover your mouse to the left of a row and a Cotton swab (the shape reminds me of a cotton swab, long and rounded on the tip but I can’t say the brand name that we’re all familiar with*) appears where you can click the + to add a row.   This also works with columns.  Please see the screenshots below.

The old way

The new way



* Q-TIPS® is a registered trademark of Unilever and is NOT a name for just any cotton swabs. The Q-TIPS® trademark can only be used to refer to the specific cotton swab products manufactured and sold by Unilever and should not be used to refer to cotton swab products of other companies or to cotton swabs generally. Appropriate generic terminology for cotton swabs includes the terms “cotton”, “stick(s)” and “swab(s)”. Misuse of the Q-TIPS® trademark constitutes an infringement of Unilever’s exclusive rights in the mark.

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