Microsoft System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager SP1 beta to SP1 follow up and interesting findings

Recently I decided to upgrade VMM in my lab from SP1 beta to SP1.  I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t uninstall the SP1 beta agents on the hosts.  I ran into some issues and errors that I talked about in an older blog.  I updated that blog due to my findings today.
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During these past few days I noticed that VMM notified me that I had older agents on only two of my three hosts when I would view the host status for each host.  It did this this by using exclamation points.  Once I upgraded the agents on the two hosts in VMM by doing a repair I was able to create VMs on them but not the third host.  The third host did not have an exclamation point so I left it alone.  VMM did show that there was an older client version number but didn’t notify me via that exclamation point in the host status.  I tried to figure out why it wasn’t notifying me but gave up as I could not find a valid reason.  I decided to uninstall the SP1 beta agent and DHCP then manually install the agent.  After installing the agent in time under programs and features on that third host DHCP showed up and had the same version number as the agent.  I compared that to the two hosts that VMM updated by way of repair and saw that VMM updated the agent but not DHCP.

I say don’t rely on VMM to notify you properly or update your agents properly when you upgrade from SP1 beta to SP1.  It’s recommended to manually uninstall the SP1 beta agent and DHCP from the hosts and install the agent either by using the VMM repair or manually installing the agent. making sure the VMM agent and DHCP have the proper version numbers.

SP1 beta versions on third host that VMM did not notify me was out of date via the host status.  Both should be 3.1.6011.0

VMM saying the host agent version is good in regards to the third host that had an older version.  No exclamation point.

The agent on the third host is checking in and saying it’s old but VMM is not notifying me with an exclamation point(above).  (SP1 beta is version 3.1.3612.0 SP1 is 3.1.6011.0)

I uninstalled the VMM SP1 beta agent and DHCP on the third host.

At this point VMM is saying the agent on that host is old.  That’s strange because I uninstalled it.

Once I installed the agent manually it took some time but DHCP showed up in under thirty minutes.  Both have the same version number.

Looking at the two hosts that VMM updated a few days ago using “repair” DHCP is the old version.

I uninstalled DHCP on the two hosts that were “repaired” a few days ago.

VMM is not reporting anything wrong with the host

<going outside to snow blow.  I’m giving VMM some time on its own>

Look at that.  VMM or the agent saw that DHCP was not installed and installed it.  Notice how it’s the correct version.

So what have we learned by all of this in my own lab?

  • You have to uninstall SP1 beta on the VMM server to install SP1(but everything is pretty much in the database)
  • If you have SP1 beta agents on hosts VMM will tell you the version in Programs and Features on the host and in the VMM console
  • If you have SP1 beta agents on hosts VMM may or may not notify you the status of the hosts using exclamation points in the host status
  • If you do a repair on a SP1 beta agent(only if VMM shows an exclamation point for it)it will upgrade the agent but not the DHCP agent
  • If you uninstall VMM SP1 beta DHCP, the agent will install the same version of DHCP as the agent on the host in time as long as the agent is installed

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