Installing Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator SP1 Beta

I like to blog about installing a product so in the future I can review the screenshots and prepare the service accounts, IPs, or anything else that is needed for an install. 

Today I’m going to take screenshots while installing Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator SP1 Beta.  SCORCH is going to be installed on a standalone server that is connecting to a remote SQL server.  The SQL server instance I plan on using is hosting my VMM database.  There shouldn’t be any problems or issues having VMM and SCORCH use the same SQL instance since they are just DBs. 

  • The main install screen.
  • Even though it says on TechNet “Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 – Orchestrator Setup installs and enables .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 if it is not installed and enabled” ( ) that’s not true. 
  • Adding the .NET 3.5 role so I can install SCORCH.
  • Product registration page.
  • You have to accept the license terms.
  • I’m going to install everything on this single server
  • The SCORCH installer will install the IIS Role.
  • Installing IIS.
  • Ready for more.
  • Here is where you enter your service account info and test it.  I really like how you can test it.  Being a consultant you’re usually just given a username and password for the service account that you didn’t setup.  At times you can’t read the handwriting of someone else.
  • Here is where you enter the SQL information.  I also like how you can use a different account for SQL rather than the one you’re using to install SCORCH.
  • Use an existing or new database.
  • In my lab I’m just going to stick with the defaults but you can use an AD group for SCORCH users.  If you were to have SCORCH on multiple servers AD groups would be the way to go. 
  • Your ports.
  • Program location.
  • Microsoft Update.
  • Your typical Microsoft CEIP and Error reporting.
  • A summery screen(you can scroll down for more).
  • GO!
  • SCORCH doesn’t take long to install.  Below is the summary screen.

I hope this blog gives you a visual clue on what is needed to install SCORCH.

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