Installing System Center Virtual Machine (SCVMM) 2012 SP1 Beta for High Availability

Installing VMM 2012 in a cluster isn’t difficult or very different from installing it on a standalone server.  Basically you get your cluster all setup then install VMM. 

There are a few new screens that you’ll notice..

VMM knows you’re installing it on a cluster and it asks you if you want to make it highly available.


VMM asks you what you want the role to be named (I use DHCP in my lab so there isn’t an option for IP information.  I use DHCP for everything because it’s a lab and much easier than managing static IPs.  For production, dev, or testing I recommend static IPs). 


Since it’s a cluster you setup your library later.  It’s recommended to setup a highly available file server share. 


When you install VMM on more nodes it’s smart enough to know some settings like SQL information. 


You’ll still have to enter the password for the service account.   

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