Opening, editing, and printing multiple files by right clicking limit

UPDATE:  I got the open, edit, and print options but when I tried to open, edit, or print more than 15 items I got a single IE window or a single print window and it only opened 1 item or printed 1 item 😦

YOU DO HAVE TO log off then back on for it to work properly.  

I’ve been noticing something while out at a client’s site and it’s been driving me crazy but today I decided to look into it further.  I want to print multiple htm files by selecting all of them, right clicking, and choose print but I can only do it to a maximum of 15 at a time (see screenshot 1).  Once I choose one more I can’t print multiple files at once (see screenshot 2).

It turns out there is a registry modification you can do to allow you to open, edit, or print more than 15 files at a time.  Be careful doing this as if you select multiple files and click the wrong thing you’re computer might be nonresponsive for a while.  The KB article says it’s for Windows 7 but it works for Windows 2008 R2.  This registry change does not require a reboot (see screenshot 3).

Context menus are shortened when more than 15 files are selected
Name : MultipleInvokePromptMinimum
Type : DWORD
Range: 1 – 16 (decimal)
Default : 15 (decimal)

A value of 16 is interpreted as "unlimited".

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


One thought on “Opening, editing, and printing multiple files by right clicking limit”

  1. Thanks for the tip very help full but now after printing all the pages I just realized they are all printed in random order, I would have preferred to print them one by one but in right order damn… (obviously this is not your fault)

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